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Easy Door Lock Maintenance

Easy Door Lock Maintenance
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Door locks may not have several moving parts, but they still require proper maintenance, as they are also prone to natural wear and tear. There are simple ways that could help keep them working properly and these steps could also extend their life.

Maintaining Door Locks

Door Lock MaintenanceDirt could build up on door locks after some time. Aside from the fact that this could have a negative effect on your health, since you’re holding the knobs or handles, dirt may also go to different parts causing them to have problems operating. Avoid these issues by taking time to clean your door locks. Mild soap and water can be used for this task. Combine water and soap and use this as a cleaning solution. Dip the cloth in the mixture and start cleaning, then dry with another clean cloth once done. This is also true with cabinet locks.

Applying oil should also be done every now and then as rust could develop and cause your door locks to malfunction. You can use any kind of oil or lubrication product, with the exemption of powder graphite. WD-40 lubricant is commonly used as it’s easy to apply. However, professionals from Locksmith Croydon recommend using lubrications that are Teflon-based since they can help in extending the life of door locks. Again, this can also be done on file cabinet locks. Loose screws and parts could cause issues when opening or closing the door. Perform a regular check, it is easy to perform. A simple visual inspection could help a lot. If you see any loose screws or parts, tighten them right away to prevent the problem from getting bigger.

While maintaining these locks could extend their life, there would come a time when they would reach their expiration and they would need to be changed. Have your locks replaced when they are too old and worn out. Keeping them would not only cause you inconvenience, but this would also pose security risk in your place as burglars could easily get in. Know when it’s time for you to keep maintaining and when to do the needed replacement.

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