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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our technicians are proficient in commercial door lock services

Get to know the feedback given to us by customers and have a chance to have a better understanding on the services we provide.

Restored our front door spatter-free

The night before, we hosted the craziest birthday party ever. We were still jubilant in the morning trying to recall the endless stream of silly exploits of our drunken friends and then came the surprise as we saw that the front door was a mess - the knob was dangling mercifully and the door had stains all over! Thankfully, this locksmith company from London assisted us in restoring the lock while we washed away the stains. The door was perfectly fixed with no detectable marks of assault. Such a huge relief!

No lock can resist their expertise

In the middle of my shower, I realized I had forgotten to bring in my bath wash refill. So I headed to the door and realized I locked myself in. The door won’t budge. My partner was on vacation at that time so no one could open the door from outside. Thankfully, I always take my phone with me wherever I go, so I immediately rang up this locksmith company in London, warning them that my front door had a mortise lock. They easily unlocked the front door then proceeded to the bathroom to free me. Thank you for excellent service.

Busted Up Lock

“Someone attempted to break into my car one night and left the lock on the driver's side door busted. Immediately I reported this to the police, and afterwards called Locksmith Croydon to come out. Their emergency locksmith handled the replacement with care and was able to get me back into my car very quickly. This was a very upsetting matter for me, so having a professional and reassuring technician was great. The technician gave me a few cards, and I was more than happy to share them at work!”

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