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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Door Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksIf the key doesn’t get inside the lock or is difficult to turn, it means the problem is most likely with the cylinder. If the keyway’s blocked or the cylinder is dry, cleaning and lubrication should help to solve the problem. If both the check and testing reveal that the cylinder is greatly damaged or broken, it should be replaced with a new. The new component should be able to withstand snapping, picking and drilling for a sufficiently long time. When the key turns fine, but the door doesn’t get unlocked, the locking mechanism has failed. If the bolt is jammed, it should be released with great care. If the mechanism is broken, a new one should be installed in its place. When the cylinder is outdated, worn or damaged, lock change will be the best solution.

UPVC Door Adjustment

It is common for the lock to malfunction because of a problem with the door itself. When the bolt doesn’t get into the strike receiver smoothly and it's difficult to close the door, the hinges may be loose or damaged. Close inspection will reveal the actual cause of the problem. Tightening and lubricating the hinges will be sufficient in most cases. However, when the hinges are greatly damaged, they should be replaced. When they are properly set, the door will be perfectly well aligned once again. A test will confirm this. Problems with the hinges should be solved timely as they can compromise the functioning of the UPVC door lock and the security of the entire house or commercial buildings. 

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