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When to Replace Door Locks

When to Replace Door Locks
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High quality door locks must be installed in your home, as this is one of the first lines of defence against burglars. Like many other things, these products could also reach the end of their life, and would need to be replaced with new ones. Natural wear and tear is one of the causes why lock replacement may be needed. Aside from this, there are other reasons on why you should do so. It’s important that you’re aware of them so you could do the needed change if you find yourself in such situation.

When Lock Replacement is needed

When to Replace Door LocksOne of the reasons for having your locks changed is if you lose your house keys. Yes, you could easily have your original keys recreated. However, our experts highly suggest changing your locks so that the old keys could no longer be used. This could be a huge safety issue in case the keys were actually stolen or landed in someone else’s hands and that person knows your house. Lock rekey is also another option. Some adjustment would be made so that a new set of keys would work on the locks.

Aside from lost house keys, another reason for getting a replacement is break-ins. If you were a victim of a break-in or even an attempted one, it’s best to have your door locks changed right away. This could mean that they may not be secured enough to keep your home safe. Invest in high security and durable locks that would keep burglars away from your home. Moving in to a new house or someone moving out of your home or apartment are more reasons to why you may also consider replacement. The old owners may still have copies of the old keys of your new home. You could have the locks changed to make sure that only you have access to your place. Old tenants may also be sneaking in if they still have old keys, so it’s recommended that you also get a replacement in this situation. You may also consider keyless entry, which may be more expensive, but provides more convenience and better security.

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